With the IMS Trust and Transparency Seal, your Investors will have the stamp of approval they need.

A Stamp of Trust and Transparency for your Investors

Trust and Transparency Approved,
Backed by IMS

IMS is the industry leader in providing technology to CRE firms to create an efficient back office and transparency for their investors. This software provides investors with real-time, on-the-go, 24/7 access to the following:

  • Current investment positions and performance
  • Contribution/Distribution history
  • Account statements, tax documents, etc.
  • New/Current investment opportunities

With that, firms that fully leverage this technology and complete our training course operate a best-in-class back office that allows complete trust and transparency with their client base. Investors that are evaluating CRE firms with whom to invest will look for the The IMS Trust and Transparency Seal to identify which firms meet the investor’s expectations and values.

Why Use the Trust and Transparency Seal?

Visibly and publicly demonstrate your dedication to providing trust and transparency to investors

Mitigate key-man risk and human error

Gain a competitive edge in the ever-changing market

Empower investors to feel confident that they made an informed and educated decision about choosing a sponsor and making an investment

By allowing investors to access all of their necessary information and documentation online, save time and resources that can be re-allocated to more value-add activities

Securely store sensitive data online with a platform that is 100% compliant with industry standards for data security

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This service is only available to current IMS clients. To qualify, please contact sales today.

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